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Bio link contains solutions to some topics in biology and bioinformatics.
The solutions will be made available as soon as they are
developed. Therefore they may contain bugs. Please let me
know if you encounter a bug so that it can be fixed asap.

Most tools will be in JAVA. The jar files can be downloaded
and executed or the application can be started by clicking
a link on the appropriate page.

Download Application

You may download application here and use them on your own
computer, at any time that you desire.
In order to retrieve software, you need to click the downnload link
on the approriate page.
For example you may download the DNATranslator by ckicking on the
following link: Download DNATranslator

Launch Application

If you only want to test the program, you don't need to download it
immediately. You can follow the launch application link which will
start the program if you accept the liscense.
For example you may start the DNATranslator by clicking on the
following link: Launch DNATranslator

Online Tools

Tools in this section are not downloadable.
This means you may only use them online from this page.
You may link to this page and you may link directly to
any script on this site.